New Fairy House

Here’s a lovely little fairy house I made for a friend’s daughter. This is a Candytuft Flower Fairy with a very interactive dwelling. Her furniture can be moved inside or out and she has a variety of foods to server to friends, including a Starbucks coffee and Frappuccino! Inside is a tea light that can be turned on or off using a pulley system, and the outside lamp plugs into the log, which secretly hold the batteries. I haven’t made a fairy house in a while and I certainly enjoyed it! Thanks Amanda!

New Terrarium

This terrarium features a hand-painted cottage sitting upon a hill. When you follow the cobblestone path down, you’ll find a patio set in the shade of a majestic palm. There are three chairs where your fairies can sit and gaze out upon the ocean, or whatever sits outside your window!

Ocean Terrarium 1Ocean Terrarium 2Ocean Terrarium 4Ocean Terrarium 3 Ocean Terrarium 5

Fairy Gardens!

The newest addition to my crafting addiction….Fairy Gardens!

Visit my etsy story and take one home!

DSCF0787 DSCF0793 DSCF0799


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Fairy Gardens

Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden

My first patio fairy garden. This has been in my head for weeks now and I’m so happy to finally have time to get it out! Now maybe I can sleep at night.



Carson Bears are here!


This is the place for you to order your Carson Bears and donate to Carson.

Click here for more information.

Wave Sculpture with Aquarium Bead

Wave Sculpture with Aquarium Bead

The wave was made from Polymer Clay and features a small lampworked aquarium bead, complete with tang fish, rocks, and sea weed.


Wall Plaque for Isis

One of my old high school friends, Shawn, asked me to make a wall plaque of his daughter’s name.

I hope you like it!

Vanessa’s Mermaid Box

This little box has the largest mermaid I’ve made. She is just a bit smaller than my thumb. But that’s large for my figures. I made this for a friend. She wanted something special to hold the rings for her upcoming vow renewal. I was more than happy to make her one. She and her husband and doing such a wonderful job raising their son, and living life. I love supporting friends in this way.

I’ve Gone International!

So I loaded some of my bead sets onto and they are selling like hotcakes! Three sets went to a woman in Sweden! So now I’m an international exporter…so to speak.

Three other sets sold before I even finished uploading all of the sets onto Etsy. And a woman at work, who also is a facebook friend, saw a set she liked, so I’m delivering them to her today!

I’m so excited! I never thought that people would actually “like” my wonky beads!

What are “Wonky” beads?

Well, wonky beads are those that didn’t actually turn out the way I intended. Some have designs that are slightly off center, or the shape of the bead isn’t perfectly round. There are lots of things that I classify as “wonky”. I also don’t feel like I’m ready to sell my beads for a truly professional price. I still feel like I’m getting the hang of lampworking; even though I’ve been at it for over a year. So if you’re thinking of ordering or purchasing my beads, do it soon…before I decide I’m good enough to raise the price. (wink wink)

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