I’ve Gone International!

So I loaded some of my bead sets onto Etsy.com and they are selling like hotcakes! Three sets went to a woman in Sweden! So now I’m an international exporter…so to speak.

Three other sets sold before I even finished uploading all of the sets onto Etsy. And a woman at work, who also is a facebook friend, saw a set she liked, so I’m delivering them to her today!

I’m so excited! I never thought that people would actually “like” my wonky beads!

What are “Wonky” beads?

Well, wonky beads are those that didn’t actually turn out the way I intended. Some have designs that are slightly off center, or the shape of the bead isn’t perfectly round. There are lots of things that I classify as “wonky”. I also don’t feel like I’m ready to sell my beads for a truly professional price. I still feel like I’m getting the hang of lampworking; even though I’ve been at it for over a year. So if you’re thinking of ordering or purchasing my beads, do it soon…before I decide I’m good enough to raise the price. (wink wink)

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