My Bead Inspiration

When I first started lampworking, I thought there was only one thing I could do with it; make beads. And yes, that is a lot of what I can do, and even what I choose to do. But I had no idea the plethora of possibilities! Although I’ve only attempted some of these styles, I have a long way to go before I achieve mastery.

Here are some of my bead inspirations.

Corina Beads

Corina Tettinger is my hero! She is the author of the must-have, lampworker’s bible, “Passing the Flame”. If you plan to give lampworking a try, you must buy her book; please don’t let the price stop you.

Corina is the goddess of stinger work; those perfect, tiny, little lines you see in most of her beads. My hope is to someday be half as good as she is at laying on those little lines.


Jodi Hesting

Jodi Hesting at creates beautiful beads. However, her vessels are AMAZING!




Leah Fairbanks Gardens of Glass

You can see why her beads sell for over $100 each! She is a master at painting on the glass to create beautiful works of art.


Liliana Bead

Liliana Cirstea Glenn is absolutely genius with capturing air inside the glass to create the perfect look. She gets her inspiration from nature, and it shows.


Mary Lockwood Nature is Glass

Birds and aquarium beads are her specialties. You can see why!!



Evelyn Duberry kind of stumbled into lampworking, just like me. But she has taken her art to a level I can only dream.


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