Lampwork Bead Gallery

Here you see pictured some of the beads I’ve created. Many of them are “wonky” beads. What’s a “wonky” bead you ask? Well, a wonky bead is “less than perfect”. Maybe it didn’t turn out the way I intended, or maybe part of the design is off center. It could be that the bead is lopsided, or possibly either too big, or too small, to go into a complete set. There are lots of things that can make a bead “wonky”. The best part about wonky beads, for you at least, is that they are very inexpensive! I usually have several for sale in my Etsy shop for a very wonderfully, low price. Check it out!

I’m attempting to organize beads by color schemes, but some just don’t fit into any category.

Check back often for new creations.

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