My Studio

The door of my studio.

(I need to update this section. Check back after July 1, 2012 to see my updated studio)

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who is built me my own beautiful studio! I think he came to this decision because he was sick and tired of all my piles of crafting materials here, there, and everywhere around the house.

My Studio

He converted an old, scary, dark storage room just off of our garage into a clean, bright, happy crafting studio! Even our kitty, Friday, loves to be in the studio.

I love having the large window with all the natural light. It’s a northern facing window overlooking our backyard. Our cats have decided that it is a wonderful place to sit and look out on all of the untouchable nature in our backyard. They can’t get out there because of our cat-eating dogs, so the view is very coveted. Our dogs have likewise discovered this new window from which to view the curious kitties.

   My favorite part of the room is the crafting table. I asked Steve to make a built-in table using some left-over marble tile we used in our kitchen.   I’ve been using some of these extra tiles as paint palettes and clay mates, so it makes perfect sense to have them built-in and ready. They also make a wonderful fire resistant surface for torching. I also suggested he use wooden yardsticks for edging, which is my most favorite part of all! 

I’m slowly getting things organized, and adding shelves and storage units customized for my own needs. Steve helped me design glass storage shelves that can be modified and added onto as needed. We used 2-inch PVC piping cut into 12-inch lengths. Steve built a wooden box that is mounted to the wall. It holds the pipes, allowing me to utilize the inside pipe space and edge spacing. .

I combined my torch-working and wire-bending crafts to create a unique label system that can be easily modified as I add glass colors. I have the glass organized by color shades; mixing all the varying manufacturing types together

I recently donated my acrylic paints to a needy friend; so I have to start my collecting again. Currently my collection is held on a small shelf that is very special to me. It used to belong to my late-grandfather. The cute little ceramic doll was made by my mother, and my late-grandmother modified the shelf to suit her perfectly. I believe that the shelf was purchased from a yard-sale and was broken. So my mom and grandmother fixed it up nicely. The shelf, with the doll, hung in my grandfather’s den and held his collect of miniature liquor bottle collection (which I now have in storage). Every time I reach for paint supplies, or my safety goggles, I remember them all!

Being a craft studio, I couldn’t help but decorate as much of it as possible. If it doesn’t look good, it will be modified by my talents before it goes into my room! I’ve painted the table leg, plug covers, the light, and the clock. Hmmmm? What else can I paint?


The only access to the attic is now located in my craft studio. So I decorated it with a little reminder of who’s in charge.

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